Author -- Mark Simiele


Though big all-wheel-drive specialty trucks are his favorite, heavy trucks and vehicles of all types have a held a fascination for Mark Simiele as long as he can remember. As a young child growing up in the 1970’s, he would spend many hours reading truck books, watching them in action, writing to truck makers for sales literature and begging his parents to buy him more toy trucks. Mark has involved himself in every aspect of the hobby from collecting toy trucks, photography, truck clubs to collecting manufacturers brochures and other printed matter. Mark, 38, lives in Northern, New Jersey and has been a salesman for a Land Rover Center for 15 years.


My first Walter book “Walter 100% Traction, The History of the Empire State’s Specialty Truck Builder” released in 2000, was a thorough history of the company and the cars, trucks and other products it manufactured from its inception in 1898 up to 1997. It is a difficult task to pick out the material to be used in a book as there is always a sizeable amount of material leftover that could have been printed but size and time requirements dictate otherwise. There is also the information that becomes available after the book has gone to print and can’t be used at all. Such is the case with “Walter 2, Classic Retrospective, Volume 2” This book touches on the history of Walter with an informative historical text but contains many never before seen photos and a large color section of Walter trucks that were photographed during the 1970’s, the 1980’s and to the present days of the 21st century. Though discussed, photos of the early automobiles that were made from 1898 up to the late teens will not be featured in this book as they were thoroughly pictured in the first book and there is no new material that has become available on the cars.